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We love to hear about the exciting projects you are working on, even if it’s just a possible product you are thinking about.

Deep experience

Alnicko Development is the product of years of experience in designing of different hardware, embedded software, wireless channels, video- and audioprocessing modules, energy-efficient power supplies, specific optics, etc.

Individual approach

Whatever needs you have, conditions, financial opportunities, specific of your case, you can always count on understanding and readiness reach an agreement from our side.

Positive feedback

We are always pleased when the Customer is completely satisfied with the result and is ready to cooperate with us in the future.

Meet the team

Our team is a collaboration of engineers, programmers, designers, marketers with strong management.
Alex Barsukova
Co-founder and CEO
Joined our team in 2014. Alex holds a BSc in English from the Stanford University, Master’s in Electronic Engineering from DNU. She brought in nearly 10 years of professional business management in software and hardware developments.

Nick Bogun
Сo-founder and CTO of Alnicko Development. He holds a Master’s in Electronic Engineering from DNU. Under his management were launched plurality high-tech projects in industrial and consumer areas: automated car parking at Almastone, industrial devices for measurements physical values based on DSP algorithms (Reflectometer Rp-109i) at Interautomatic, Mobile home at OkuLele, Branto Orb and accessories at Branto Inc.

Konstantin Bogun
Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Konstantin has joined our team in 2014. He holds a Master’s in Electronic Engineering and Law from DNU. He has more than 15+ years experience in marketing and business development in rocket-space, electronics, IT, chemical and metallurgical areas. Has worked on top management positions at middle-size and large enterprises.

What we can

  • Hardware design
  • Software development
  • Manufacture and testing of electronics
  • Drivers development
  • Prototyping

Why choosing us

Unique experience Technology audit Service & Maintenance
  • Development of high level PCB design, customized motherboards based on multi-core processors, wireless channels (Zigbee, WiFi b\g\n\ac, Z-wave, NFC, GSM), video processing circuits, optics, systems with autonomous power supply (Li-ion/Li-pol elements), wireless Qi energy transfer, external energy harvesters, electronic components optimization for serial manufacturing.

    Porting OS Linux, Android to buyer’s platforms, OS optimization for the needed functionality and energy consumption, drivers development for external interfaces (audio, video, SPI/I2C/CAN/UART sensors, etc.).

    Development of the product’s design, prototyping of a few stages on 3D printers and casting into temporary forms, choosing plastics, ceramics, metals in accordance with operation conditions (temperature, humidity, underwater usage, impact strength).
  • One of the key assurance activities for any project is expert evaluation and assessment of the requirements. The requirements need to be evaluated by multiple experts with varying expertise, in order to identify incorrect, ambiguous, and incomplete requirements.

  • We provide technical support for the project from the preparation of technical specifications to release of first batch.

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